Dance with us on the aDLERS Rooftop from 3:30 pm!

Ben Vince

The saxophonist Ben Vince radicalizes and redefines ways and possibilities to get more and more out of his instrument than the usual ways of playing allow. With ingenious techniques, electronic post-production and live distortions, amplifications and alienations, he moves between free jazz improvisation, repetitive sound walls and explosive stage outbursts, somehow ambient, but from a sound space of improvised stage jazz, aggressive modulation and dark electronics, mostly solo, but often also in collaborations with Micachu, Rupert Clerveaux or Merlin Nova. 

Kornelia Binicewicz pres. "Ladies on Records" Dj-Set 

Kornelia Binicewicz was a Polish curator and record collector before travelling to Istanbul to explore the underheard scenes, concerts and publications of Turkish musicians and singers of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Under her own label "Ladies on Records" she has since found, rediscovered and re-released the hypnotic grooves of obscure divas and oriental pop heroes. Her Dj sets bring Turkish hip styles, organs and synthesizers, a sound and record collection dream world for all Crate Diggers, easily danceable, euphoric, a bit of female world music at the intersection of East and West and a bit of beautiful outside.   


Saturday, June 8th


Ben Vince & Kornelia Binicewicz